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Hi there! My name is Edgar Murdoch living currently in the North Okanagan/Shuswap region of BC. I was born in 1935 in Toronto, Canada & spent most of my working years as a professional musician & long-haul trucker servicing all of North America. As such I was exposed to extremes in weather & various physical hazards causing bodily harm, including broken bones.  I have suffered a stroke, two major heart attacks & many little ones, endured years of severe sleep apnea requiring the assistance of a CPAP machine at night & had open heart surgery twice on the same day as my lungs had collapsed & I was bleeding internally. Apparently I died on the table but as you can see the surgical team was able to revive me. Since then I have been free of allergies, acid reflux & my breathing at night is gentle, regular, I do not snore & I do not need the CPAP device any longer. A couple of years ago a clot broke away from my heart & lodged in the femoral artery in my right leg. Since 2 weeks of an aggressive Heparin drip would not dissolve it, the prognosis was amputation until the surgeon decided to try & break up the clot with a catheter inserted in the groin. Well it worked & I was able to walk out of the hospital on both legs. However not having circulation to that part of my body for three weeks has compromised the neuropathy in my legs significantly reducing mobility functions. In order to enhance my recovery & entry into the ‘sunset years’ I am looking for healthy ways to improve my daily routine at affordable cost. The hemp protocol as promoted by www.hemtopia.ca I believe may provide the answer & will become an important ingredient in achieving maximum health & body maintenance. I am in pretty good shape for the shape I’m in at 83 & once I have conquered the pain I will once again become invincible.


  • June 30 started the www.hemptopia.ca hemp oil/seed regime. Daily I take one (1) tablespoon of oil in the morning & one (1) tablespoon in the evening plus one (1) heaping teaspoon of seeds morning & evening. Both may be incorporated with cereal or added to smoothies & other concoctions.
  • July 2 realize I am waking in the morning more focused & less bedraggled.
  • Appetite has not returned … not a bad thing really … however many of the missing nutrients have been replaced with ingredients in the oil & seeds. Seeds are very tasty & nourishing! The Grind Bar is a healthy but yummy energy booster & dietary supplement.
  • After one week I have noticed a significant reduction in nasal congestion.
  • The blotchy, angry, reddish discoloration in my lower extremities is disappearing, replaced with healthier-looking skin.
  • Edema in the ankles/feet has been reduced to almost zero by day’s end.
  • Mood has transitioned to one with less anxiety & more feeling of serenity.
  • I have noticed less discomfort & fewer spasms in my shoulders & knees, especially while resting at night, but the pain in my right hip is still very much present & requires attention every day with prescription & OTC painkillers.
  • The only symptom which persists & which I am unable to attribute to any one cause is a mild light-headedness. In the past this has often been the result of heightened electromagnetic activity & I do reside within 150 ft. of transmission lines but there is no smart meter on my dwelling. However EMF/EMR is everywhere & unavoidable in traditional societies.
  • Just prior to bedtime each evening I also take a marijuana infused home-made oatmeal square with cinnamon & raisins to help with pain control & sleep quality. Together with the hemp it works very well!


There are endless reasons how Hemptopia came to life. This being one of them. I have known SHiner (Nannydog) her whole life...It is stories like this that keep us inspired and driven. Thank you for sharing. RIP Shiner Nov 21/01-June 15/15💚🌱🐶

Good day. As for Shiner & her hair ball. All dogs lick & groom themselves but my Shiner also had a "habit " of licking the floor & eating non edible food. She also had a severe allergy problem so combined with medication , allergy food etc it was some what under control ! I being on "Hemp Seed oil" knew it would help in one way or another to have Shiner on it. A few drops a day on her food which seemed to help with her stool & less scratching ! I had no idea what other dark secrets were lurking in her stomach ! I think it was about a week or so later that I heard Shiner throwing up & when I seen what she had brought up left me speechless !! Let's just say I have been working with animals 30 plus years & have seen many "hair balls". But the size of the hairball that she threw up was to say the least the biggest one I have ever seen ! When I picked it up in a tissue I could not believe the thickness or length of it ! My dog was only about 14 pounds the hairball was at least 6 inches long by 2 1/2 inches in some places & so dense in area's that you could not even break it apart ! The truth is it was the "Hemp Oil" that saved my dog from a long time of what I believe was probably belly aches & irritated insides. I would highly recommend introducing Hemp (hemptopia.ca) to one's self & their animals for too many reasons to mention.



I have been giving my dachshunds your hemp oil for the last 4 weeks in hopes to help their dandruff. Well it works. It is gone!! They love it and think it is the best the best treat ever!! Thanks again for the great service and vast knowledge of the product.

Kelly Thomson

I am loving my Hemp oil..was using Udo in my smoothies but switched a bottle and 1/2 ago to your Herbacious Hemp oil and am noticing a definite change in my skin and hair...Thanks

Shewots (Successful Happy Entrepreneurial Women of the Shuswap) & Friends.

I add the oil to my morning smoothie (replaced my Udo's oil) and use the oil in my salad dressing and the hemp seeds I add to almost everything..I even added it to my cereal snack.. Love it!!


It's delicious I add it to everything salads pasta stir fry you name it it's awesome and way better than Costco price for far better product I use the oil on many thing as we'll including surgery scars and they seem to be looking we'll as we'll I recommend it to everyone


Since going off grains (the book is called Grain Brain), my breakfast 'cereal' is: 1/4 cup chopped pecans or walnuts, 1/2 cup thawed mixed berries, couple of spoons yogurt, some unsweetened almond milk. This morning I stirred in my hemp oil -- worked just fine -- thickened the milk a bit and didn't detract from the fresh berry flavor. I like it!



"Hemp is like wheat. I like to put it on my pancakes, and maybe i'll put it on my cereal. I even put it in my peanut butter sandwich. It has a lot of nutrients and vitamins. It has a lot of omega." Dylan age 10


I had a small cyst on my eyelid that was going to have to be removed ( a painful procedure).... Two weeks of hemp- hearts and oil and the cyst has disappeared!!!! I LOVE this stuff... More energy, I'm feeling GREAT!!!!


Day 2 of one tablespoon and I'm feeling better already!


Since being on Herbacious Hempseed oil, the arthritic pain and swelling in my knuckles is gone! I have not had to take any pain medicine for several weeks! Actually, most of my aches and pains are gone. I have also noticed a difference in my hair, I am in my 70s and my fine dull grey hair now looks like I have a fresh perm everyday!


Here's my thought's on Hemp hearts & hemp oil, from "Herbacious." Manufactured for "Hemptopia Ltd " here in N.W. Calgary. I have suffered from chronic pain, fatigue, constipation, stiff joints & dry skin many, many years. I started using "Herbacious Hemp" 2 months ago. My pain is better, energy higher, constipation under control, joints move easier & dry skin no problem any more. I could go on & on about so many benefits this little plant has to offer but I"ll leave it up to you to decide. I will say if you give it an honest try..... you wont be dissapointed. Be Healthy, Happy & Herbacious.



I had a small patch of eczema on the right side of my back and started massaging Herbacious Hemp Seed Oil on the entire area. I applied the oil every night for 1 week and it is now 100% cleared up..:) If I feel a little bit of an itch coming back, I simply apply a little more oil to the spot and have instant relief! I also warm the oil in my Scentsy warmer top and it reaches the perfect temperature for massage. I love it!1 Thanks Hemptopia..xoxo


  1. I have no insurance so of course I woke up a few weeks ago with crazy sinus pain. I was hoping it was just allergies. Well, turns out it's a cavity that has hit the nerve in my tooth. Since it's on top, my sinus' were infected along with my tonsils.

The dentist shows me the x ray and says wow, you must have some thumping headaches! I was in agony. He says, it will be around $2,000 if I want NO2 during the work. Well, I shuffle out of there and meet Hernan Campos to chat a bit. He gives me a bottle of Canadian Hemp Oil, 500ml for $20. I swish with it for the last 5 days and guess what. I have no pain. My sinus' feel great, tonsils no longer swollen and my teeth feel fine! I wouldn't believe it if it wasn't me going through this!

Mark Smith

I am loving my Hemp oil..was using Udo in my smoothies but switched a bottle and 1/2 ago to your Herbacious Hemp oil and am noticing a definite change in my skin and hair...Thanks

Shewots (Successful Happy Entrepreneurial Women of the Shuswap) & Friends.

A herbalist who runs IMPCURE on Facebook told me about HEMP oil. It took me a while to order from Hemptopia. I got my products delivered at home. I was depressed, low energy, constipated, angry, and had a poor eating habit. It felt like my body was giving up on me. The first sign of recovery was in my knees; I could run down the stairs, I was not able to do this for months. I'm a strong believer and I have been sharing my story and helping IMPCURE and Hemptopia to spread the word about the benefits. Thank you


Another update about the Hemp oil. Suki ate a hot wing that had been thrown on the ground; she is very allergic to pepper. her underside became very red and she began licking obsessively, her stomach and thighs looked raw by the morning. I rubbed her stomach and thighs with the Hemp oil from Herbacious and it was back to being pink & normal by the following morning! Thank you MarieAnn Coules you have saved us again! My tooth feels great I actually chewed my dinner last night on the bad side with no pain at all!

Mark Smith

A year ago I found myself in a vicious circle of sickness and deterioration. I had toxic mold poisoning that went undiagnosed for a year and a half! By the time it was, the damage was already done. Neurological damage symptoms: started forgetting common words, memory loss, fatigue, severe headaches. The worst was the vomiting. The cough I ended up with caused me to start throwing up at least 5 times a day. Certain smells made me nauseous and sick. I could only handle soft foods and clear soup for over a year, which caused drastic loss of weight and muscle mass. Basically I found myself an involuntary anorexic/bulimic. The constant vomiting caused severe dehydration, and damaged my tooth enamel and receded my gums.

I couldn’t work because of constant illness and weakness, and as a result of my body being starved of all nutrients I barely had the strength to walk up a flight of stairs. The toxic poisoning and resulting illnesses damaged my liver so I now have a disorder which causes my blood to hold onto iron. Therefore, I’m on a very restricted diet - making it difficult to gain weight and muscle back.

Within 3 days of taking hemp oil the vomiting stopped. The nausea vanished, and my energy perked up. After two months of hemp, I can finally eat normal amounts of food, my complexion is better (I use the oil on my face), and I’m back at work! I sleep sounder, my energy is way up, and best of all…the depressive funk I was in has left!! I used to get migraines with every chinook. Now I get only mild headaches if any at all.

I’m sure I’ve missed stuff - being sick that long you get used to everything ‘being broken’! It’s only when I started to mend did I really realize how sick I was for so long!

Other than high doses of vitamins d prescribed, I have not taken any prescription drugs, painkillers of any kind, or other dietary supplements. It’s the hemp seed oil from Hemptopia that has gotten me this far!

Trish Fisher

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