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Cannabis Beard Oil

There are some good beard oils out there, we however wanted to "up the bar". By creating our Cannabis Sativa beard oil we did just that! How could we go wrong with a product derived from the Sativa plant.

Hair and skin health are very important at any stage of beard growth. Often times your beard is lacking in moisture and it’s drying the skin out underneath. This will make your beard look uncared for and dry under skin will lead to "beard itch" The nourishing "omega 3" fatty acids from the Sativa strain are found to reduce inflammation and nourish hair follicles, encouraging hair growth and overall hair health. Blended with our essential formula our cannabis oil has a complementing fragrance suitable for any occasion. 


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Perhaps you know someone with a beard that just doesn't look as good as he thinks it does. Score him some cannabis beard oil and we will have your beard hygiene hint shipped right to his door.

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