Wise Women Seeds Bio Regional Calendar

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Calendars are HERE!!!! 

Featuring Community Groups local organizations from in and around the area of the Shuswap British Columbia.  Wise Woman Seeds 2020 Calendar has all the information needed to plant "by the moon" and has biodynamic symbols for each day. 

Biodynamics and Astrological Planting are gaining popularity with famers and gardeners.  There are many aspects to consider when learning the process.  This calendar is designed to help you plan and execute a year of gardening/farming with these energies and principles in mind.  

It is set in Pacific Time zone (PST) and the information about planetary placement and Moon phases will be pertinent to the Pacific Northwest in particular.  

In biodynamics each day has a specific set of activities which will align with the astrological influences to increase efficacy.  The calendar has these days identified clearly.  Each day has the position of the Moon and the biodynamic symbol associated with the activities best assigned to that day.  

 Now available at the Monashee Community Co-op. 

Located in Lumby, British Columbia.  

Armstrong Farmer's Market  

Enderby Open Air Farmers Market 

To Contact the Guru at Wise Woman Seeds:

extrawisewoman@hotmail.com Ph:(236)836-4424