We sell Industrial Hemp

 We all have many roles to take on in life, one being the health and well being of many, our children, our parents and ourselves. 
With many forms of degradation sneaking into our daily food source at an alarming rate.
The quest for whole nutrition was becoming moot. We still believed we could improve our health through knowledge & nutrition. But how?
That's when we were led to hemp as a dietary method of providing for the varied nutritional needs of our own families. The results for ourselves and those around us were unbelievable!
We realized that this was something we had to share - and not just with those who frequent health food stores, but with the masses of other families out there who needed a way to supplement the quality of food they were feeding their loved ones. This led to the formation of Hemptopia Ltd., which has provided us a platform to share some of the benefits of hemp with those outside of our immediate circle of friends and family. As distributors under a private label, we are able to bring the freshest tastiest hemp to the tables of regular folks who share some of our concernsWe are hemptopia.ca


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       This video shows just how easily Hemp can be  used in the Kitchen

Hemp has a multitude of uses not only as a high nutrition food but as a durable textile for clothing. 
Thats not all. Did you know that sustainable homes are built using Industrial Hemp?