Herbacious Hemp Gift Tote
These little seeds pack an energetic & nutritious punch that can be safely added to virtually any diet. Delicious as a quick snack,sprinkle them on other foods, fruits or vegetables, use them as a garnish on a wide array of prepared foods or salads, add to sauces, dips, marinades, soups, yogurt, protein shakes & smoothies. You can even use them in baking as an ingredient in muffins, cookies & bread as you would any other edible seed.
 Cold pressed hemp seed oil features a light, nutty taste and can be used in a wide range of recipes including: Sauces, dips, marinades and salad dressings.  It also works beautifully added to protein shakes and smoothies.    Hemp seed oil is a natural plant based, whole food, that can be used in your daily recipes, consumed on its own as a food or dietary supplement or applied topically as a moisturizing oil on its own, and can be added to your pets diet mixed with their meals, used on coat & skin.
Herbacious Hemp Gift Tote
Herbacious Hemp Gift Tote
Advantages  breathable & mold resistant rich in cellulose biodegradable deters the growth of weeds retains soil moisture (less watering)  Other uses  Insulation fibreglass alternative for composites bottom of cages and pet enclosures around trees and shrubs vacuum moulding applications  underlay/vapour barrier fridges and coolers pathways between garden rows. Grow mat for seedlings and foddering systems basket liners packing/shipping/postage wrap for breakables!

Herbacious Hemp Gift Tote

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Your herbacious hemp gift tote will include

-100% Canadian Organic Hulled Hemp Seed 454 g

-100% Canadian Organic Hemp Seed Oil 500ml Cold pressed (glass Amber bottle)

-100% Canadian Hemp Fibre Keep veggies fresh, grow mat. 

-100% Hemp Canvas Shopping bag