Hemp (unisex) T-Shirt custom print
Hemp (unisex) T-Shirt custom print
Hemp (unisex) T-Shirt custom print
Hemp (unisex) T-Shirt custom print

Hemp (unisex) T-Shirt custom print

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Custom print hemp/cotton blend t-shirt:  55% Hemp 45% Cotton fabric  

​These shirts are eco-friendly hemp/cotton fabric blend with custom print design.

Winkin' Sun Hemp Branded hemp/cotton blend t-shirt:  

55% Hemp 45% Cotton fabric "Earth-Brown" Color.

​These shirts are eco-friendly hemp/cotton fabric blend.
Great fit and feel to these t-shirts. Medium weight fabric and soft to the touch.
This shirt will soon become your favorite wearing hemp shirt.


Made with our favorite natural fiber, hemp! Handmade by weavers and artisans,

that work with hemp's natural breathable fibers. Hemp is also well known for its tensile strength,

durability plus UV resistance. These factors combined, gives your personal Hemp T longevity.  


Your cool Eco friendly custom hemp T, contributes to sustainable resources and

options, adding to your day to day wardrobe,

bringing forth hemp awareness at the same time!

Care instructions: Wash all-natural fabrics by hand or on a gentle cold cycle,

using fine eco friendly soaps and detergents.



The more you wash & wear hemp the softer hemp becomes...

You wear hemp in, not out!