Hemp Mulch For Pet Cages
Hemp Mulch For Pet Cages
Hemp Mulch For Pet Cages
Hemp Mulch For Pet Cages

Hemp Mulch For Pet Cages

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Benefits of hemp mulch in your pets cage

This unique product and its characteristics make it superior in quality compared to other bedding currently available

Produced from the soft inner core of the hemp plant stem and is the healthiest, most cost effective and labour saving garden and bedding material on the market.

  1. Highly Absorbent

    It is capable of absorbing far more moisture than either straw or wood shavings, and any wet areas that have to be dug out are small by comparison. It makes a warm and comfortable bed that provides good insulation against cold and protection from injury. Your pets stall/cage or pen, will remain dry. This means in cold temps it won't freeze to the bottom of your pets outside environment. Would be great in dog runs and chicken coops!

    Low Odour

  • Hemp bedding also absorbs ammonia very efficiently, reducing stable/cage odour.

  • pH neutral

  • Having two distinct fiber-types absorbing moisture, cuts odor

  1. How to use hemp mulch in your pets cage

    For small animals like Birds, Guinea Pigs, Gerbils, Mice, Hamsters, rabbits, Lizards,

    Snakes, Rats & Bats!

    1. Simply add desired amount 2-8 inches to bottom of clean cage.
    2. Scoop out solid waste or dung as need be, replacing with fresh mulch.


      When the mulch becomes saturated, and odours become noticeable, completely replace bedding. Dispose in compost bin or garden.


        No perfumes, or scents are added to this product