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Hemp Materials and Products Canada*
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Hemp Scents™ by Winkin Sun Hemp Co.
Hemp Scents™ by Winkin Sun Hemp Co.

Hemp Scents™ by Winkin Sun Hemp Co.

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Hemp Scents™  by Winkin Sun Hemp Co.
Each Hemp scents™ Roll-On 10ml blend contains two specially chosen essential oils and is a special blending of therapeutic grade essential oils and pure organic Canadian hemp seed oil as carrier.

Try Hemp Scents today...for a fresh smell and good feeling.

Hemp scents™ are blended to produce just the right amount of aromatic goodness
while also having a moisturizing effect by way of the hemp seed oil formulation.

Suggested Usage: Roll-on a circle about the size of a nickel on the back of your hands and rub together...This method works for the right amount of scent which can last for hours. Roll-on the same size portion into palms of hands and apply to elbow areas...Choose your own spot for a freshen-up on the go.
*Alternatively, you can also use for car freshener by rolling a few dabs onto seat belt shoulder strap or even car seat fabric...It works great.

Some necessary essential oil disclaimers.
* Hemp Scents™ are for topical applications only and are not recommended for ingestion.
* While we use ONLY therapeutic grade essential oils, as with all essential oils be mindful of whether you may have reactions to certain essential oils. 
* Information about specific essential oils are readily available online from a multitude of reliable resources.
* We always recommend to learn more about the benefits of essential oils and how they can be used as a more natural way for remedy. Seek your local aromatherapy professionals advice where/when you can...Consult with only certified and trained specialists. Their knowledge is invaluable.
* Do not use for small children and if you are pregnant to avoid any possible allergic reactions. It always best to try a small portion first to determine if you have any unusual skin irritation.

* The essential oils we use for Hemp Scents™are 100% pure, therapeutic grade and noted to generally be regarded as safe by the US Food & Drug Administration.

We offer custom made Salves, Balms, Oils, and Soaps made with all Natural ingredients including Organic Hemp seed oil.

Custom batches may be ordered via contacting us by phone and/or email.