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Hemp Mulch Garden Topper
Hemp Mulch Garden Topper
Hemp Mulch Garden Topper
Hemp Mulch Garden Topper

Hemp Mulch Garden Topper

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Hemp Mulch is great for surface applications:

  • Around fruit trees and vines

  • in potted house plants and

    counter veggie gardens

  • Micro gardening (dirt less medium)

  • Great for around strawberries,

    vines, cabbages, asparagus.

    Some of the noted benefits of hemp mulch for your garden are:

  1. • Retains soil moisture.
    • Prevents soil loss from wind and rain

We all know what the hot sun, combined with with dry winds can do to a garden, window boxes and hanging plants.

  • Reduces extremes of heat or cold to encourage consistent growth and protect young plants and roots.

  • Encourages earthworms and beneficial to soil fauna

  • Free of chemicals during growth and manufacturer

  • Seed and weed free

Hemp Mulch in the garden

When you apply Hemp Mulch to your project here are some useful tips to get full use of your hemp mulch

1) You must thoroughly and completely water in the hemp mulch. This will activate the natural absorbing fibre hemp has.

2) Once you super saturate the Hemp Mulch (we fill&pre soak in a wheel barrow) and water has been absorbed, blend with your choice of potting soil.

3) After you have added your plants, apply the remainder of the wet mulch as a finishing topper around the plants, or in your garden rows.

4) The formation of your hemp mat will begin. This will hold your hemp mulch in place.

The water acts as the binder to form the hemp “mat”. When water is applied the little hemp fibres form together with the hemp hurd to create the hemp mat, a carpet for your soil!


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